Around the clock easy trading access from all over the world Forex markets have 24 hour around the clock easy trading access with no commissions for 5 days a week. There is opportunity in Forex to profit from wherever you are in the world and whichever currency pair you choose.

Forex is possibly the most popular trading asset for online traders due to the easy accessibility. This means that traders with full time day jobs, have ample opportunity to also trade and profit.

For everyone from beginner to experienced traders, the biggest advantage of trading Forex markets is that you only need an internet connection for your device (for any of our trading platforms) and your good to go.

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Our expert brokers can help you profit with stocks trading today stocks trading is a grate starting point for beginner traders. At Marketsbull this is one of our top products which our clients trade in. Our experts can take you to a new level of success in the field of stocks. The reason behind this is that our clients, like most people traders and non-traders alike, usually have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to big and famous corporations.

The daily news agencies are filled with updates on developing story's from within apple, or microsoft for example. To expand on these examples, beginner traders rightly tend to feel more in the know.

The methods of investing in stocks within corporations can be fun, exciting and very profitable. Read about and research your chosen companies, set investment goals and start trading online today with Marketsbull on one of our award winning trading platforms.


Trading and investing in global investment markets indicies trading is about trading and investing in global investment markets. With Marketsbull index products, you can also trade in bear markets more easily than in the stock market. Think a market will fall? Sell it just as easily as you can buy rising markets … This type of trading is seen as a great way to diversify your portfolio.

Marketsbull offers low spreads and 24 hour access to the markets. Trading indices is made easy using any of our award winning trading platforms. Trade the world’s leading indices (boursas) including dow jones, ftse, dax, jse and many more.

Commodities trading

Get award-winning commodity trading insight from our experts, extensive exchange and specialist price data, exclusive fundamentals, and specialist research and forecasts.

We offer a large number of commodities for our clients.
Why would you want to trade Commodities? What are they?
Throughout history, Commodities have been used to sustain humans in a livable world. Energy, metals and agriculture to sustain, build and feed. In Today's world, the home trader too can invest in commodities and profit from their sales. Not only princes in the Gulf region can be the owners or crude oil, so now can you.

The way commodities are traded is on the MT4 platform and our clients benefit from tight spreads, 24 hour access and most importantly, real-time market execution.