About us

Our goal is to cater to traders of all skill levels, and we do so with a range of financial trading instruments such as indices, commodities, shares, Forex, digital currency, bonds and exchange traded funds. MarketBull is a small island of success in the middle of the heart of Europeorld.

We make it … Easy! deposit procedure allowing you to fund your account using a wide array of payment methods Fast withdrawal ensuring a smooth, immediate transaction upon request. As well as our team of professionals, invest their time wisely. This road is paved by an ironclad focus on educating our customers. Knowledge is power, and empowering traders to get the best value for their investments is our passion.
We will take care of every customer as if it is our last or first.
Choosing is your part but we will know how to give you the knowledge and tools for choosing right!
Be aware success is addictive!!


what we believe
MarketBull stands for leading technologies, service, satisfaction, and direct liquidity. We strive to offer the best technology and innovation.
MarketsBull extends its reach to Asia, and Markets’s advanced technologies and reliability are known throughout the world, continuing to grow every day.
For this to be successful, MarketsBull has made a concerted effort to obtain regulatory licensing in the European Union.


Our Company has earned a reputation for excellence due to our principles of innovation, integrity and professionalism.
We are sensitive to the trading needs of our clients; therefore we are dedicated to continuing to be a state-of-the-art provider for CFDs.
We cannot succeed without the trust and respect of our customers. It will always be a top priority at MarketsBull to do whatever it takes to earn and build relationships based on that trust while making every effort to meet our traders' needs.
We are rapidly becoming an industry leader in the CFD market due to our ability to innovate and offer the most highly advanced tools possible to our clients. Such tools are vital for ensuring your ability to trade at your best.


Strong financial resources and regulatory oversight
Competitive pricing and trade execution
Experience the next-generation trading platform
24-hour support center
Get ahead with unique and innovative trading tools
Get ahead with unique and innovative trading tools